T. M. HOFFMAN of USA, Japan & India : applied ethnomusicology in Asia

tmhoffmus21@yahoo.com   http://www.shakuhachi.com/G-IJMEA.html

<Director, Indo-Japanese Music Exchange Association (established 1989) >

* 36 years in Asia (Japan 26, India 6, other) as student, artist, scholar, writer/translator, producer, NPO director, activist for intra-Asian exchange in music and language; honors graduate of four universities in three nations; 16 yrs lecturer & professor in Japan, India & USA (ethnomusicology)

* Lecture, publish & sing in Japanese, Hindi, Sinhalese, and English languages, and perform Indian & Japanese classical and original music; trained under Pandit Ganesh Prasad Mishra (India/vocal), Living National Treasure Yamaguchi Goro (Japan/shakuhachi), Grace Mundorf Myers (piano), others

* Visharad (five-year) degree in Hindustani classical music in N Indiafs premier music academy (1992) in classical vocal (later introducing Japanese poetic texts in thumri & khyal forms); in flute, with govft permission using Japanese shakuhachi (now officially an instrument of Indian music). Recent ekoto in Indian musicf initiative also progressing well. These eclassical crossoverf applications are based on extensive research and trials indicating thorough compatibility, and authenticated by performances in prestigious venues and broadcasts throughout South Asia & Japan, also USA (U of Chicago, U of Oregon, Princeton U, Cornell U, Center for World Music, festivals, etc).

* American Institute of Indian Studies AIIS Senior Performing & Creative Arts Fellow 2006-2008:

R & D project gAsian Classical Crossover – Indian classical music on the Japanese kotoh including placement of kotos in University of Delhi, University of Madras, Bhatkhande Music Institute

* Awards: U.P Chief Minister Trophy (Hindustani vocal, 1987), East-West Center Associate (1989-91), Foreign Correspondentsf Club of Japan Deroy Award (2003), eSangeet Acharyaf title (India, 2008)

US maestro enchants music lovers
S D Sharma

Chandigarh, February 24, 2007
The US-born performer, Hoffman amazed the crowd with his command over the Indian vocal and instrumental music at a musical concert held at the Govft Museum auditorium as a part of the ongoing Rose Festival. The event was organised by the Administration in association with the Kaifi Azmi Foundation.

After Tourism Director Vivek Atrey inaugurated the soiree, T M Hoffman commenced the concert with the delineation of raga Puriya Dhanashri accompanying himself on 13-stringed Japanese musical instrument Koto, doling out sargams to the perfect tabla by Anil Sharma. He then presented bhajans like gRamso kara preet re,h gSharnagat Budhha kripal,h gJaake piya Ram Vaidehi,h gTathagat Budhha haih in Hindi and Japanese before playing a dhun on Koto. Tim Hoffman, while explaining about the character of ragas and tal patterns, displayed his versatility on a Japanese flute called Shakuchachi as he presented ragas Bhupali, Durga, Jaijaivanti, Hansdhwani, and finally Pilu in ragamalika. His sawal jawab on flute and Anil Sharma's tabla won applause.

Rajesh Kumar on Sarangi and Anil Sharma gave a tabla solo performance. Dr Neelam Paul and Rani Balbir honoured the artistes. Dr I.D. Singh conducted the programme.

(sample review from among over forty public concerts and other events in India, 1987 – 2008)